The Trent-Severn Waterway National Site is a historic 387 km canal operated by Parks Canada. The navigation channel of the waterways runs a depth of 6 feet from start to finish. The Trent-Severn Waterway National Site winds its way all the way through the iconic Canadian Shield, charming villages, remote lakes, and the finest multi-species fishing grounds in Ontario.

The historic canals of Trent Severn cater to recreational boaters, including canoeists and kayakers, as well as land-based visitors.

Location Of Trent Severn Waterway National Site

Trent Severn Waterway is located just east of Toronto and west of Kingston and connects the Trenton on Lake Ontario to Port Severn on Georgian Bay.

Specialty Of This Place!

The highest point at the Trent systems is Balsam Lake is 180 meters above Lake Ontario and 80 meters above Georgian Bay. The waterway’s lifting and dropping process utilize 41 locks, a marine railway, and 2 hydraulic lift locks, including the world’s highest and 65-foot lift, located at Peterborough Ontario.

What To Do Here?

Trent-Severn is more than just a waterway. Most of the locks along the Severn waterway are at the heart of villages with vivacious cultural scenes and delicious culinary experiences. One can enjoy the trails, parks, and scenic driving routes of the waterways by bike, by car, by boat, or on foot. The waterway is famously known as the Houseboat Capital of Ontario, where you can enjoy a houseboat vacation along with your family and friends.

While spending time on the water, you can also head to shore to go to the theatre, or visit a farmers’ market, or do some retail therapy at shops.


 The system’s construction started in 1833 at Bobcaygeon and finished in 1920 at Port Severn, 387 km from Lake Ontario. Over the years the waterways have been called simply Trent Severn or Trent waterway or Severn canal and all names aptly describe the Trent Severn Waterway National Site.

There is something here for everyone!