Being the main central business district of Ontario, Canada, it is no wonder that Downtown Toronto has the third-highest skyscrapers in North America. Located in the heart of the place, it homes the municipal government of Toronto and the government of Ontario. 

Toronto surpassed Montreal and became the largest city in Canada in the 1970s. Many notable skyscrapers are housed in Downtown Toronto. The First Canadian Place in Downtown Toronto is the tallest building in Canada. Scotia Plaza, TD Centre, Commerce Court, etc., are some other notable skyscrapers that are housed in this area. 

Things To Do In Downtown Toronto

You will be amazed to know that you can visit these many places in just 48 hours!

If you are someone who cannot go without breakfast or need your daily cup of caffeine, starting the day at the Kensington Market is one of the best things for you to do. Filled with eateries, vintage boutiques, indie retailers, and many more attractions, you can spend your day here without getting bored. You can also marvel at the crystal-like structure of the famous Royal Ontario Museum and see the world’s heritage and culture in one place. If you want a clear-cut beautiful picture timed with the perfect sky and weather, you must visit the iconic CN Tower.

Downtown Toronto Is Famous For

Not only this, but you also cannot miss out on visiting Nathan Philips Square and spend your time clicking pictures and exploring the area. Another thing you cannot absolutely miss out on is visiting the famous pubs and bars. Housed with traditional, and in-house drinks, you can spend your night dancing and singing away. You might also be surprised to know that Downtown Toronto also houses the vibrant Graffiti Alley where famous painters have showcased their art. One can also visit St. Lawrence Market for amazing food tours, the Art Gallery of Ontario if you enjoy art and striking architectural forms, or take a ferry ride to view a spectacular view of the city’s skyline.

With these many attractions and many more to visit, your trip to Downtown Toronto can be a memorable experience of a lifetime!