An urban plaza located in Toronto, Ontario, Nathan Phillips Square was named after the mayor of Toronto from 1955 to 1962, Nathan Phillips. Richard Strong and Viljo Revell designed the square. It is a famous site for art displays, concerts, the winter festival of lights, and many more. You can be one of the millions of people who visit the Square every year. There is a reflective pool, many sculptures, a peace garden, a permanent stage, in this rectangular-shaped Square. One of the world’s largest underground parking spaces is situated underneath Nathan Phillips Square. The government owns the property and smoking is strictly prohibited.

It is truly said that the most beautiful places have the saddest histories! You can say the same thing with Nathan Phillips Square.

Did you know that the Square was formerly an immigrant reception area? The first Chinatown of Toronto was established when the immigrants gradually started settling in the area. Many rules prohibited the planning of the Square initially except for public parking and other public uses. However, when the city gradually started attaining property in the neighborhood, the planning for the Square began.  Even after this, many struggles and designs were rejected. However, as it is said that it was meant to be, many designers and people came forward in support of the Square and made this project a success.

What to Do At Nathan Phillips Square

You should not miss out on these fabulous and beautiful features that Nathan Phillips Square has to offer you!

There is a peace garden that is organized around the reflecting pool and has a granite bridge in between. However, one cannot conduct any events here. There is also a skating rink that is covered by a large area. Thousands of people visit every week to skate and enjoy their time here. Other notable and beautiful features of the Square are the Sculpture court and the Theatre stage. You can make full use of these and visit these events to enjoy the beautiful celebrations!