If you have landed here, you might be scrolling for the top tourist attractions in Ontario. Well, The Grotto, Georgian Bay’s Cave can be on the top of the list this summer. A unique wonder, The grotto is a sea cave with beautiful blue waters and is located near Tobermory. This is one of the best places to create memories for a lifetime. One of the popular and busiest locations, The Grotto is occupied during the season of July and August. It is a great place for photos and to spend some quality time with your loved ones!

Things You Must Know About The Grotto!

  • Hiking The Grotto from the Georgian bay trail takes around 45 minutes. Along the way, you will see cedar trees, wetlands, cliff edges, orchids and ferns and so much exciting things. 
  • The cave is amazingly carved from limestones and is filled with water from Georgian Bay. You can just dig into it and have a swim inside! Well, you must take care as the rocks are slippery and the water is cold. 
  • You must head up there in the season of April, May, June, or October. At this time demand is less and you get a chance to explore more.

Amazing Facts That you Can’t-Miss Out!

  • The Lebanese landmark was in the top 14 finalists for the competition of 7 wonders of nature competition.
  • It is the longest cave complex in the middle east with around 9 kilometers long.
  • The first name of this cave was the Grottoes Of Nahr EL Kalb.

The Grotto is located in Bruce Peninsula National park. It is accessible from the cave mouth and also, through a rocky chimney. The turquoise water in i is incredibly cold. If you are one who is looking for a secret place to hike and capture the scenic view, you must visit here.