Ontario is an angler’s paradise. Ontario is home to more than 400,000 lakes, rivers, and streams, brimming with year-round best freshwater fishing experience. The urban areas situated near fishing waters offer a lot of prospects to the anglers. There are many more isolated places also that also offer a spot on the bank for fishing in northern Ontario.

Place Location Of Fishing In Northern Ontario

North Ontario offers endless fishing opportunities ranging from fly-rodding for trout to waging war with the mighty muskie. 

Specialty Of This Place!

 You can take a short drive from the bustling city to a hidden retreat, or can board a plane also, for a world-class fly-in getaway. Be assured of professional services offered by the local tour agents of the area and don’t forget to relish a “shore lunch” while fishing.

Things to do!

Sunset Country and Algoma Country are the top destinations for fishing in Northern Ontario, known as ‘Fishing Gems’. The number of fishable waters here is incredible.

Our top 6 picks for ultimate adventures of fishing in North Ontario

  1. Fly-In Fishing – It is a sort of lifetime adventure not to be missed. Many awesome fly-in options are available in Sunset Country.
  2. Boat-In Fishing – If you don’t like planes, you can opt for boat-in fishing in North Ontario. You can bring in your own watercraft for a dream trip.
  3. Canoe Fishing Expeditions – You can also paddle your own canoe, and experience the wilderness in more of a solace-seeking manner while you fish.
  4. Ice Fishing – Just punch some holes in the ice and adore ice fishing.
  5. Tournament fishing – Expand your reach in the circuit and try your hand in tournament fishing.
  6. Family adventures – there are more than 200 family-friendly lodges available in Sunset country to take pleasure in the time of your life.

You will find numerous luxurious lodges offering amazing fishing as well as food services along with dreamy accommodations, from hot tubs attached to your cabins to happy hour appetizers after a day of fishing in North Ontario backcountry lakes.


Just pick an “area” to fish as per your convenience and investigate the rules that relevant to that area. Have fun, and make sure you do not break the rules.