A provincial park in north-eastern Northumberland County in Ontario, Canada, the Ferris Provincial Park occupies kilometers next to the River Trent. Established in the year 1962, the park is located at 474 County Rd. 8 Campbellford. The Ferris Provincial Park went through many changes and offers a lot many fun activities and beautiful scenery for visitors to enjoy.

Fascinating History Of Ferris Park

Originally owned by James Marshall Ferris and his descendants, the Ferris Park was owned by them for many decades. In 1960, the land was occupied by the province and later established as a provincial park in the year 1962. It was open to the public every day and visitors could enjoy various amenities and the beautiful scenery the park had to offer.

What Ferris Provincial Park is Famous For?

The pedestrian suspension bridge over the river Trent offers amazing views of both the river and nature. Not only this, but one can easily cross it and click pictures in the beautiful time of sunset and sunrise. If you are someone who enjoys camping, then you are in for a treat. Ferris Park provides both open cars and wooded camping areas for its visitors to enjoy. You can even enjoy the amazing bonfire while camping and toast yummy marshmallows. You can also trail through the beautiful forest and riverside settings.

Visitors can also look over the Ranney Falls and the beautiful vistas and flowers that fall around the area all day long. The beautiful falls provide a spectacular view. Nature lovers and enthusiasts will love this place as it is full of flora that is not only beautiful but also rare. Along the Drumlin trail, one can also find spring woodland flowers that are extremely delightful to watch. Ferris Provincial Park is a great place for people who love nature and do not mind walking and hiking amidst falls and nature.

Things to Do At Ferris Provincial Park

  • Go hiking
  • Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter
  • Boating or canoeing on the Trent River