Crystal Beach is located on the northeast shore of Lake Erie, Ontario, across from Buffalo. The area located around the beach is abode to a community of more than 8500 people. It was named so, for the “crystal clear” water conditions present on the northeast shore of Lake Erie. This beach is among the most popular beaches for people from all over Ontario and western New York, during the summer season.

Quick History Fact

For more than 100 years, from 1888 to 1889, the beach Amusement Park was a major tourist attraction here. The exciting roller coaster thrills and other rides made many eager visitors visit the amusement park. Although the amusement park is closed for a long time, the Beach Yacht and Tennis club now stand at the site of the Beach Amusement Park. 

Things To Do At Crystal Beach

The crystal beach and the waterfront area attract visitors from all over Ontario and New York. On weekends the beach is full of families with children, and friend groups, to spend quality time during summer. Weekdays are less crowded comparatively. Here you can experience swimming in the clear waters of Lake Erie and also enjoy water sports. Just pack your lunch and enjoy a class picnic with your family. Just relish a drink at one of the bars located on the Beach. Don’t forget to shop in the boutique shops on the beach. Since 2005, the Fort Erie town operates this beach Waterfront Park, located at the east of Crystal Beach Tennis & Yacht Club.  The waterfront park also features a boat launch. The beach has numerous delightful beach cottages in front of the lakeshore. These holiday homes on Crystal Beach Hill offer mesmerizing views of the beach, Lake Erie and Point Abino.

Closing words

Crystal Beach offers incredible lakefront beauty, recreation, and relaxation.   Pack your bags, land up at the beach and have a good time!