The blue-green water and the fine sand on the beach give a feeling of a tropical island. The panorama along the beach is quite dramatic, varying from sheer cliffs to fine sand beaches. This beach is one of the most spectacular sandy beaches in the Wawa, on Lake Superior, in Lake Superior Provincial Park. 

What is Katherine Cove Famous For? 

Katherine cove beach is a great place to build sandcastles, swim, and have a family picnic. The fine sand and shallow waters make this beach especially appealing to kids.

Things to do there

The Katherine cove beach is off the beaten path. You won’t find it covered with hundreds of bathers. Framed by rugged cliffs, Katherine Kove Beach presents a beautiful landscape to tourists. The drive to the beach is very scenic. The back roads take you through farmlands. On the beach, you can take a leisurely walk along the boardwalk or just lie around in the warmth of the sun.  Pack a lunch and enjoy at one of the picnic tables found right on the beach. The shallow water at the beach makes it a great place for building castles, swimming, and sunbath for families and kids. The Lake Superior Coastal trail provides the hikers a sense of rugged wilderness and the most demanding hikes. The trails along with the Katherine Kove to Sand River are relatively easy trails best suited for beginners. The hilly parts of these trails consist of sand dunes. 

You may witness the portions of a trail obstructed by fallen trees and flooded due to high water levels. Wet trails may be slippery, so be cautious. Its location makes it a great spot to watch the mesmerizing sunset. You will love spending your whole day at this beach!

Bottom Line

Katherine Kove is an outstanding beach for picnics and a perfect place for families and kids because the water on the beach is shallow here and is considered to be the warmest on Lake Superior!