Constructed by the Barber family in 1854, at Georgetown, the Barber Paper Mill was the first electrical generating plant in North America. The mill was sold to Provincial Papers in 1913and was ceased and closed in 1948. At present, it has been rumored to be a haunted place. Located between Halton Hills and Georgetown on the Credit River in Ontario, Canada, this paper Mill is an abandoned gem begging to be explored. The papermill was the first electrical generating plant in North America used for long-distance transmission of hydropower which was built in 1888. 

What Barber Paper Mill Is Famous For?

Over the years, several paranormal researchers believe the old mill being haunted by its original owners, the Barbers. The voices of John Barber and Robert Barber have been recorded during Electronic Voice Phenomenon sessions across the paper mill buildings. Robert Barber, the last owner of the paper mill is said to weep for the present state of the mill and want to see it restored to its previous glory. 

Why Visit The Barber Papermill?

The Papermill is quite an awesome and beautiful structure. The mill complex made up of bricks and limestone buildings is a sufferer of demolition by neglect. This hauntingly amazing place has its roots in the revolutionary use of hydroelectric power in North America.

In 2008, the 13-acre paper mill compound was chosen under the Ontario Heritage Act. Today the property is owned by Everlast Restoration.

There have been rumors of converting the property into a commercial space, but nothing is confirmed yet. The ruins of the paper mill are still standing. It can be accessed through Bruce trail, on the corner of River Road and Maple Avenue.This Paper Mill was the biggest industry in Halton, during its time. Being operated by John Barber, the mill produced book paper, posters, label papers, as well as higher grade newspapers. 

Don’t forget to bring your camera, and take some unforgettable shots.