If you are looking for one of the oldest parks in Canada, you are in the right place. Algonquin Provincial Park is the provincial park in Canada, established in 1893.  Located in between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay, Algonquin Provincial Park is just 3 hours drive from Toronto or Ottawa. It is in the heart of northern Ontario.

 Provincial Park is the first national park established in Canada. Today visitors from all over the world come here to experience the most breathtaking, tranquil, and exciting nature giant. 

Why This Place Is Famous?

The Park is about 7653 square kilometers in size. Among the various access points into Algonquin Park, the premiere access points are the West and East gates. There are more than 2400 lakes and 1200 km of rivers and streams are located within the park. Few famous rivers in the Provincial Park are Tim, Madawaska, Nipissing. These rivers are considered to be formed by the retreat of the glaciers. 

Things To Do Here!

  •  Frequent wildlife sightings are available to the park visitors, right from the road. Here in the Algonquin Provincial Park, you can witness nature at its best.
  • The park habitats various animals like beavers, moose, deer, foxes, bears, turtles, with a wide variety of birds also. The moose, the largest and heaviest species of deer, is a proud resident of Algonquin Provincial Park. Black bears, the second largest mammal, can also be seen living in Algonquin Park. 
  • For a much more cherished experience with the natural world, you can get pleasure from the 14 hiking trails, located along the highway 60 corridor.
  • Don’t miss a thrilling night camping at one of the many campgrounds that Algonquin Park offers. The unique mix of forests, diverse plant and animal species makes it a heritage site.

Whether you want to relax in a camp by the fire or gain knowledge of Mother Nature and the living ecosystem, Algonquin Provincial Park will provide you a lifetime cherished experience.