A group of caverns, the Warsaw Caves are located in Ontario, Canada, near the village in Warsaw. Accessible to spelunkers, the caves have long passages and have mostly small openings. A geological feature, the caves are like cavities in limestone rocks and cover the whole area. This limestone rock is a result of glacial melting which took place almost 12,000 years ago. The Warsaw Caves are surrounded by the Warsaw Caves Conservation area.

 The activities one can enjoy during their visit to the Warsaw Caves

 A conservation area has been spread out around the Caves in order to provide the best forms of provisional parks to both locals and tourists. This conservation area provides its visitors with various forms of activities. These recreational activities can be performed by anyone and are also child-friendly.

The recreational activities that one can enjoy during their visit to the Warsaw Caves are: 

  • In a beautiful wooded setting, one can find almost 52 un-serviced sites that can be used for camping by individuals or groups. One can enjoy their stay with their loved ones and enjoy the various beautiful scenery and activities the area has to offer.
  • The Warsaw Caves are so named after the seven caves that were found in the area. One can go caving in these amazingly ancient built caves and explore them.
  • One can easily hike on a 15 kilometer stretched area through the limestone plains and forests. One can also view the Indian River Valley while hiking. It is a great adventure sport for those who love hiking or exploring nature in its true form.
  • One can also visit the famous Caves to paddle along with their loved ones or alone along the Indian River in a kayak or canoe.
  • Various picnic shelters are also available on the site for tourists and visitors to enjoy their time while enjoying the beautiful scenery around them.