Located near Morrisburg in Ontario, Upper Canada Village is a famous place that is visited by thousands of people every day. If you want to travel down memory lane and experience amazing history at once place, Upper Canada Village is the place for you. This beautiful place depicts a 19th-century village in Upper Canada. If you are planning to visit then we suggest you do not wait any longer and pack your bags! You can have one of the most unique adventures of your life here! 

Places you shouldn’t miss out on while visiting this pre-historic stunning place!

  • Modern buildings and skyscrapers with shopping complexes are not uncommon sites in Canada. What you need to experience are the historical sites that the Upper Canada Village is filled with!
  • There are literally over 40 historical buildings that you can visit. This place is one of the best for you if you are a historic fanatic and want to explore the past in its best form. There are many recommended historical buildings like Beach’s Sawmill, Asselstine Factory, Christ Church, Engine House, Providence Chapel to name just a few.
  • You can spend many days visiting each of these historical and beautiful places and get a first-hand experience of the amazing beauty the place has to share.

Not only can you not miss out on these amazing places, but you also can’t know about the amazing history the Upper Canada Village has to share! 

To preserve Canada’s heritage, the St. Lawrence Seaway project began in 1958 and included the construction of the Upper East Village. The expected villages to be flooded were meant to be protected in a way so many things were personally transported from these villages to the Upper Canada Village. This amazing and extensive project also paid homage to the Battle of Crysler’s farm, where many lives were lost in 1812. The land has since submerged in major flooding. Opened to the public in 1961, it is visited by many people from all around the world daily. 

You cannot absolutely miss out on this amazing architecture in Ontario, Canada. You should pack your bags and visit the place as soon as you can with your family to immerse yourself in the magical history that our world has to share.