With the access of around 5000 animals and spread over a land of 710 acres, you are in for a roller coaster ride with your loved ones to the Toronto Zoo. Located in Ontario, Canada, Toronto Zoo is a famous must-visit place that is loved and visited by many people. One of the largest zoos in Canada, you will be surprised to know how thorough and organized they are with their structure. They are divided into 7 zoogeographic reasons that separate different habitats and regional wildlife. You can also witness many animals in their artificial natural habitat settings situated indoors of their land.

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Are you an animal enthusiast? Go crazy over the different and unique types of animals you can get to experience and see for yourself in these amazing zoo geo graphical sites!

  • You will be able to see Indian rhinoceros, spiny turtles, red-tailed green rat snakes, clouded leopards, the babirusa, and many more creatures in the Indo-Malaya geographic region.
  • If you want to see the African wildlife, you can visit the geographical area and see olive baboons, white lions, spotted hyenas, Masai giraffes, red river hogs, etc.
  • Situated in the Rogue Valley, you will be able to see moose, bald eagles, cougars, grizzly bears, and many more eye-catching animals in the Canadian domain.
  • You will be able to see golden lion tamarins, beavers, river otters, jaguars, capybaras, and many more unique animals of the northern and southern parts of America in the region dedicated to the wildlife of America.
  • In the Australian pavilion, you will be able to watch featured animals like tawny frogmouths, wallabies, Komodo dragons. Western grey kangaroos, etc. You will be surprised to know that the President of Indonesia had gifted the Komodo dragons to the Zoo.
  • Receiving a large haul in 2014, the Eurasia wilds region of the zoo features many animals like snow leopards, Amur tigers, red pandas, mouflon, etc.
  • The Tundra trek opened in 2007 because some American animal exhibits were discontinued. Polar bears, snow geese, arctic wolves, etc., are some of the animals that are featured in this zoogeographical area.

While as an animal enthusiast you might be concerned about the well-being of these many species, it will provide you relief to know that these animals are well taken care of and provided with the maximum things they require. Toronto Zoo is also famous for conserving many endangered animals and protecting them. Many initiatives have been taken by the Toronto Zoo to save endangered species around the world. It also participates in various exhibitions and research programs. With these many unique features and amazing animals to see, one should definitely visit the Toronto Zoo at least once in their life.