Boreal consistently remains one of the best institutions in the region in terms of student performance, student experience, and business sense of achievement. The university’s passing rate of about 75% is significantly above the national standard Top 10 colleges in ontario 2022, and it is also the highest in Ontario for the late 18th time in the last 20 years. Boreal is tied for first place in business happiness with three other universities at 100%.

Almost 85% of undergraduates find jobs within six months of graduation. The institution also provides the Garantie Boreal, which guarantees a free second full-time training programme if a graduate does not find job in their professional life within a week of undergraduate.

 #1. Georgian College

Georgian College

Georgian College is a pioneer in providing hands-on education through its extensive co-op programme. Approximately 5,000 undergraduates engage with one of the university’s 6,200 co-op partnerships, making it the professor with the greatest majority of learners engaged in co-op assignments in Ontario.

Georgian provides over 130 professional life diploma, certification, and postgraduate programmes to 13,000 undergraduates across seven campuses Top 10 colleges in Ontario 2022, spanning administration, healthcare, technology, architecture and performing arts, information science, hotel management, security, maritime studies, and skilled crafts. The majority of programmes include official employment opportunities, which range from compensated co-ops to clinical placements and practical training.

  #2. Northern College

Northern College

Northern has over 75 full-time, component, qualification, diploma, and advanced training available at its campuses in Haileyburyand Tim mins. Full-time programmes are available in marketing, service learning, architecture, healthcare, veterinary fields of science, metalwork, and manufacturing. Vocational training are available in automobile service, repair and operation, and technological millwright mechanics.

Northern also use augmented reality technique to develop immersive worlds and activities for its vocational programmes, as well as schools for healthcare, mines, and Indigenous academics.

Approximately 87% of Northern students find job within six months after graduation, and 81.8 percent of young adults are satisfied with their experience, which is higher than the province average. Nevertheless Top 10 colleges in ontario 2022, Northern has a perfect score for employee satisfaction.

   #3. La Cite

la cite college

La Cité was Ontario’s original French-language institution, and its emphasis on independent learning is intended to meet the nation’s demand for qualified French-speaking professionals. In that spirit, the Ottawa-based institution offers 140 professional life degrees in 19 disciplines, including finance, agriculture Top 10 colleges in ontario 2022, education, engineering, arts, construction, accommodation, information science, multimedia, healthcare, acceptable, and others.

  #4. Canadore College

Canadore College

The major Canadore College already has 100 labs and experiential sessions accommodations to meet its mission of hands-on learning, such as the 911 Academy, an emergency teaching complex housing a police station, a fire station, and other simulation safety and emergencies situations. Institute offers complete training in metalworking, construction, drainage, electronics, and other specialities.

  #5. Cambrian College

Cambrian College

Nursing is a prominent specialisation at Cambrian, with both the four-year degree provided in partnership with Laurentian University and the two-year clinical nursing programme. Cambrian’s technical and vocational programme also draws a large number of applications, especially in the electronic engineering and electricity engineering programs.

  #6. Niagara College

Niagara College

Niagara College, which provides a two-year certificate in practical nursing, is a popular choice for those interested in health sciences. Respiratory treatment and dental cleaning three-year diploma programmes are also in growing market.

Automotive repair specialist, generalist mechanic, and technical technologist welder fitter professions are also prevalent at Niagara College. The institution also provides apprentices tailored to female students, including the generalist carpenter also before the for women.

  #7. Conestoga College

Conestoga College

The institution also maintains a 68 percent academic achievement, and 77% of graduates are happy with their academic opportunity Almost 84% of NC Conestoga College grads find job within six months of graduation, and 100% of businesses are pleased with their recruits.

  #8. Humber College

Humber College

Many of the college’s 30 honours degree programmes are in great demand, including effective marketing, fashionable management, finance, film and media development, health administration, and interior decoration.

A Humber College curriculum Top 10 colleges in ontario 2022, as well as the professional healthcare  bridging programme, are popular options. Other health alternatives include a multiple certificate programme in medical trials and a diploma in predominant Chinese medicine, Canada’s only income security posts econdary programme of its sort.

   #9. Mohawk College

Mohawk College

Mohawk has nearly 180 graduate, certification, diploma, and technical schools in areas including as health, agriculture, management, technology, the arts, skilled crafts, and professional services. A strong joint degree system in collaboration with McMaster University is also included in the programmes.

  #10. Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College Institution teaches around 3,000 degree candidates each year throughout 22 multiple disciplines and was the first college in Ontario to offer a provincial governments recognised post-secondary diploma in additional to its trade certifications.