The Stratford Festival of Canada is the largest repertory summer theatre of North America, located in the town of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Stratford is located at about a 2 hr drive from Toronto, alongside the Avon River. It runs from the month of April to November each year. The city of Stratford has an old-fashioned cultural feel with lots of gardens, galleries, and shops. 

Specialty Of The Festival!

The theatre is world-famous for the finest works of theatre in the classical and contemporary repertoire. Most of the theatre work accentuates the works of William Shakespeare. Lots of world-renowned actors such as Alec Guinness, William Petersen, Peter Ustinov, Christopher Walken, and William Shatner have performed at the Stratford Festival. At the Stratford Festival performances are carried out at four separate theatres, counting Festival Theatre, Avon Theatre, Tom Patterson Theatre, and the Studio Theatre.

Things To Experience In Stratford Festival!

  •  The Festival is the leading Shakespeare theatre festival in the world. It attracts star performers and audiences from all over the world.
  • The celebrated stars attending the Toronto International Film Festival also never miss witnessing the theatre shows at the Stratford Festival. 
  • The reputation and the quality of the theatre productions of the Stratford festival are top-notch. The Stratford Festival tickets range from CAD$25 to more than $100 each. Prices vary depending on the time, production, and audience’s age.
  • The members are also eligible for ticket discounts and can enjoy privileged, advanced ticket status also. On purchasing online tickets, one can enjoy discounts also.
  • Before certain performances, the on-sale rush tickets also become available in person and by phone. Students, senior citizens, families may enjoy the discounted tickets also.


Stratford is a small town with lots of restaurants, pubs, and bistros for the theatre audience.  Down the Street Bar and Restaurant is the right pick for a glass of wine in the modish surroundings. What are you waiting for? Go and experience the amazing place now!