Located near the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Rogers Centre was previously known as SkyDome. It is home to the Toronto Blue Jays. Lying right at the heart of downtown, it is famously visited by many natives and tourists. The Rogers Centre is known to have the world’s fastest retractable dome. Did you know even when it was built in 1989, it was considered as one of the most modern structures that the country had ever seen? This magnificent structure was seen as a breakthrough and many people expected it to change the way all future ballparks were created.

 Things To Experience At Rogers Centre!

  • Are you wondering what you should do once you reach your destination? We have provided the best possible details for you to enjoy your day!
  • You don’t have to worry about roaming in Roger Centre as there is plenty of space for parking and roaming with your friends and family. You should prefer using parking spaces over parking at meters as they are more affordable. What better way than experiencing a Blue Jays game with convenient parking and food? Along with stadium food like hot dogs and popcorn, you can eat at plenty of vendors outside who offer delicious food.
  •  If you are a foodie, Rogers Centre can make you happy like nowhere else! There are many must-try foods you should eat if you visit Roger Centre. You should try Shopsky’s smoked meat stand if you are a sandwich lover. You should also visit the famous Gretzky’s, a famous restaurant to visit if you are a Blue Jay’s Fan.

You can experience some of the best games of hockey and enjoy the amazing food and crowds at Rogers Centre at affordable prices. If you do not want your day to end in this amazing place, you can also rent a hotel room nearby which overlooks the stadium. If you are not here to watch a hockey game, sad, but you should know that this place also holds other amazing and fun events like carnivals, circuses, concerts, monster truck shows, etc.

With these many amazing places and activities to do, you should not miss out on visiting Rogers Centre if you ever plan a visit to Ontario, Canada.