Located in the Thunder Bay District, the Red Rock Point is a township situated in Ontario, Canada. It is considered an amazing spot for people who are enthusiasts of outdoor nature. Various opportunities for hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobiling, and skiing are available for people who are interested and fond of these activities.

Exploring the amazing things here!

A small scenic community, Red Rock Point overlooks Lake Superior’s Nipigon Bay. The towering cliffs of How Mountain and the rugged shores of Lake Superior surround the point. Known for its hospitality, outdoor recreation, and scenic beauties, Red Rock Point has expanded marine facilities that are bound to attract anyone with its beautiful and delightful scenery. It has also been recently modified and developed. The developed and newly constructed marine has various facilities like washrooms, shower and laundry facilities, restaurants, shops, and exhibits. All this means that one can spend their whole day and night here and enjoy its various indoor and outdoor facilities.

What is special about Red Rock Point?

  • Three spectacular events, the Annual Trout Fishing Tournament, Paju Mountain Run, and Live from the Rock Folk Festival are hosted every year and people and tourists from all over the world participate with great enthusiasm.
  • Anglers from across Canada are attracted to the fishing tournament that is held in June. The Paju Mountain Run attracts many race lovers from different areas.
  • In August, the Red Rock Point Festival is held where live performances and workshops can be commonly seen. This festival is full of talent.

 There are also many local attractions that one cannot miss out on. One can enjoy Eagle Canyon adventures, a historical society walking tour, and many more. If you think you need a guide, you can also choose various packages that include epic adventures and sightseeing trips for two days.