Traveling to the seashore in Gatineau Park, where practically everyone goes, we’ve started travelling to the closest Ontario state forests. Because of its magnificent beaches, this park is one of the most popular. It is about 40 minutes away from downtown Ottawa. The beach area is on the Ottawa River’s banks and overlooks an island 10 Amazing Places to Do Camping Near Ottawa , so what you are seeing is lush flora.

The picnic area and beachfront are both rather large. However, if you arrive after midday, you are unlikely to acquire a picnic blanket with a BBQ. It occurred twice to us. But no worries, we enjoyed our picnic on the lawn and then went swimming.

 #1. Rideau River

Rideau River

This park is also near to Ottawa, about 40 minutes from the city centre. It is located on the historic Rideau Waterways, a World Heritage Site, on the margins of the Rideau River. It, too, contains a campground, a play areas, a squash courts, and restrooms. The beach’s boosted swimming zone isn’t very deep for grownups, and the green space for picnics is not really that green. This park provides tent and automobile camping areas, as well as two cottages with one private room and a rustic wood decor. Each one can accommodate five employees.

 #2. Voyageur


This park is likewise located on the banks of the Ottawa River, and its surrounding are breath taking. It features two good beaches for daily use and a huge picnic area, as well as a large parking lot with a capacity of 350 automobiles. Voyageur has two camping areas: one for cars as well as for groups.

The peculiarity is that it provides a dog-free camping area as well as a radio-free camping area for those who do not want to be disturbed. Bird watching, motorcycling, rowing, swimming, hunting, and trekking are some of the activities available at Voyageur. Even during months of June and July 10 Amazing Places to Do Camping Near Ottawa , park personnel organise an Exploration Programme where visitors may explore the area and examine vegetation.

 #3. Murphy’s Point

Murphy’s Point

When we travelled to Murphy’s Point, we bumped with groups of individuals who had come from Toronto and Oshawa to camp. This park is interesting since it gives the impression of being deep in the forest. It’s on Big Rideau Lake, which is part of the unique Rideau Waterways. It has a variety of animal habitats such as woodland, marsh, old meadows, and several lakes. Although the beaches are small, they are stunning. To get to the beaches, visitors must walk via a woodland route, which is really pleasant.

 #4. Silver Lake

Silver Lake

This campground is located on a Silver Lake, and the swimming and swimming are fantastic! It seems like you’re in the Caribbean, with a beautiful sky, lush green forest, and water that’s clear, pure, and refreshing. 2 high five!

The sandy beach is large and conveniently located near the parking area. There are park conveniences and clean facilities 10 Amazing Places to Do Camping Near Ottawa , and the same restrictions apply as elsewhere parks: no pets and no booze on the beaches. The park allows automobile camping, however the negative is that there is a motorway nearby, and street noise is prolonged.

 #5. Sharbot Lake

Sharbot Lake

The fact that puppies are permitted on the beach is what distinguishes this park Sharbot Lake and Black Lake. But even though the beachfront and picnic sites are modest, the view is spectacular.

 #6. Camping Paradis Bourget

Camping Paradis Bourget

Situated just south of Bourget in the lovely Larose Forest, you’d never guess you’re only five hours from central Ottawa! For the past five decades, this campsite has been run by a family. This campsite is excellent for the whole group, with two on-site swimming pools, an individuals hot tub, a squash courts, a play area, a perimeter netting, tether balls, a splashing pad, hoops, and table tennis.

 #7. McCullough’s Landing Campground

McCullough's Landing Campground Ottawa

There is a vehicle camping spot, however the negative, like with Silver Lake, is there was a lot of traffic noise from the surrounding Highway . This nature reserve is near to McCullough’s Landing Camp ground and is surrounded by two lovely lakes: We tented there for one night, and the traffic noise was extremely loud sometimes at evening, but it was ideal for a full-day visit.

 #8. Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park

There are even community boat trips Visit the 100-metre-high Mazinaw Rock and enjoy the fall landscape on their amazing hiking routes.. Whether you prefer RV camping, vehicle backpacking, or old-fashioned back country camping 10 Amazing Places to Do Camping Near Ottawa , this park can accomodate you. It’s not just one of the most beautiful camping locations in the region, but it’s also ideal for families

 #9. Murphys Point Provincial Park

Murphys Point Provincial Park

Murphys Point is ideal for swimming on Big Meadow Lake or perhaps resting with Mama Mankind’s beauty. There’s much for the whole family to enjoy while soaking in the majesty of these campsites, with lots of possibilities to enjoy the outdoors and witness animals.

 #10. Poisson Blanc Regional Park

Poisson Blanc Regional Park

The Poisson Blanc Regional Park  is famous for Fish Sauvage, situated within a 1-hour drive from Ottawa, provides your family a wholly different outdoor experience, where you may sleep through your own little, hidden island. Prepare to unwind and spend quality time with the family, since friends will be nowhere to be found.