A historical park situated in Woodview, Ontario, Canada, Petroglyphs Provincial Park has the largest collection of ancient first nation petroglyphs or rock carvings in Ontario. Created in the pre-Columbian area, this historical-class provincial park includes images of reptiles, shamans, animals, and the great spirit itself. These carvings represent aspects of First Nations’ spiritualities. What is one of the most interesting facts about this place? This place was, in fact, kept hidden from non-First Nations people until 1954. It was accidentally discovered by Everett Davis, who was a prospector.

 Are you wondering about the interesting things about the ecology of the beautiful Petroglyphs Provincial Park?

  •  The Petroglyphs Provincial Park is originally a historical-class park. However, in a relatively small part of the area, the Petroglyphs have concentrated. The rest of the area has formed a primarily woodland habitat home.
  • This habitat is home to many rare species including the Eumeces Fasciatus or commonly the five-lined skink.
  • The Peterborough Crown Game Reserve is also situated nearby and for this reason, one can also see many indigenous animals. These animals include beavers, otters, squirrels, chipmunks, white-tailed deer, etc. Apart from this, you can also explore many beautiful species of birds like wild turkeys, grouse, hawks, woodpeckers, jays, etc.

 A visitor cannot miss out on these amazing views and places in a beautiful park!

 The Petroglyphs Provincial Park is a beautiful place to visit for someone who is a fan of ancient antiques and paintings. With over 1000 carvings made almost 5 to 10 centuries ago, one can easily get lost in the historical beauty and nature of the place. Not only this, but one can enjoy these delightful historical carvings with an amazing tour of the wildlife and strolls in the garden. One of the most stunning places of this park is the Aqua-Green Meromictic McGinnis Lake, with layers of colors that do not mix. Get yourself ready for an amazing and unforgettable experience in this delightful park!