Voted as Canada’s “Prettiest Little Town”, Paris is a community that is located in Ontario, Canada. It is located where the Grand and Nile rivers meet. It is no surprise that thousands of visitors visit this beautiful place all year round. The time spent in Paris by a person is always cherished even if he/she has experienced small moments. 

One can absolutely not miss out on these amazing 5 things that Paris has to offer! 

  • Like any other place that is full of nature, Paris has many trails and shorelines where one can easily trail or hike. With perfect weather settings, it is no secret that many people visit the place to take in its beautiful vegetation and serene environment.
  • If you are an adventure buff, you cannot miss out on the opportunity of rafting the Grand River. A designated heritage river, the Grand River is famously rafted on by many people. You can use a canoe, kayak, or a raft to explore and enjoy this beautiful slow and fast current river.
  • The historic Penman’s Dam should be at the top of your list while visiting this beautiful place. Built by Penman clothing company over a century ago, this place is perfect for resting and enjoying a picnic with your loved ones.
  • You will love Paris if you are a person who loves both history and architecture. Rich in both fields, you should take a Cobblestone tour. Including various buildings made of cobblestone, this tour will take you on a tour filled with beauty and historical amazements.
  • Are you aware of the fact that the famous Alexander Graham Bell’s invention, the telephone, has a connection with Paris? This is a lesser-known fact that the first call that was ever received from the world’s first telephone was here in Paris! Amazing and romantic isn’t it?

With so many delightful and surprising things, Paris is a big package even it’s just a small community. With happy people around and people visiting from different regions, Paris is a must-visit place for people traveling or living in Canada.