A large gorge that is 100 meters deep, 150 meters wide, and 2000 meters long, in the municipality of Dorion, Thunder Bay District, the Ouimet Canyon is located in north-western Ontario, Canada. It is protected as part of the Ouimet Canyon Provisional Park. It is famously visited by many people from different regions. They visit the place to not only enjoy the various recreational activities it has to give but also for the amazing and stunning views.

 What will you like when you visit the amazing Ouimet Canyon on your tour to Ontario?

You will be interested and amazed by the panoramic views of a 150-meter wide gorge and sheer cliffs that drop straight down to a distance of 100 meters.

  • Ouimet Canyon is a trail and boardwalk that connects two lookout platforms with an amazing view of the canyon.
  • If you are one of those who love serene environments with pleasing surroundings, you are bound to like this beautiful place.
  • The bottom of the canyon has a unique environment and houses almost 1000 different arctic plants that are extremely stunning to watch.
  • Along with these amazing sights, you can also enjoy the daily park that surrounds the area. The daily park is filled with every basic amenity one can think of. You can spend hours here enjoying your time without getting bored.

 What are the various activities you can enjoy during your visit to the beautiful Place?

Once you have reached your destination, it would be a wonder if you do not immediately find something interesting to do. Although the park surrounding the area is only day one and does not include camping, hiking and birding make up for it. With amazing opportunities for bird watching, one can spend all day viewing the beautiful neotropical and native birds. The threatened Peregrine Falcon can also be seen as it nests on the cliffs of the canyon.