The word ‘Oshawa’ translates to “where we must leave our canoes”. The Oshawa waterfront comprises numerous parklands and natural areas. The waterfront includes a significant harbor area also. The numerous waterfront trails of Oshawa, located on Lake Ontario, offer access to endless recreational opportunities.

Things To experience At Oshawa Waterfront!

  • There are lots of gems of green spaces including the forest, conservation areas, wetlands, and trails, scattered all throughout the Oshawa waterfront region. 
  • The waterfront trails of Oshawa offer lovely scenic landscapes and tremendous four-season recreational opportunities.  
  • The complete waterfront trail stretches over 1400 km along the Canadian shores. Oshawa’s section of the trail is 11 km.  This trail offers fantastic scenic views of Lake Ontario.
  • Along this Oshawa portion of the trail, you can visit a number of parks and natural areas. The wildlife such as deer, geese, wild ducks, and wildflowers such as buttercups and trilliums, along the trail make the trial worth exploring. Explore the amazing scenery and sights during hiking these trails. 
  • Some of the natural areas that you can discover here include Second Marsh, McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve, Pumphouse Marsh Wildlife Reserve, and Gold Point Coastal Wetland. 
  • There are many parks with great views along Oshawa’s waterfront, which you can explore including Lakefront West Park, Stone Street Park, and Lakeview and Lakewoods Parks. Spend your day at one of many parks, many of which have picnic spots and playground areas available to rent.

All these parks are family-friendly and are open to everyone. However large gatherings need permission. Get outdoors and experience the spectacular natural beauty of Oshawa Waterfall. Throughout there are an abundance of parks, trails and conservation areas offering an amazing escape to mother earth.  Hike the trail or relax at one of the local beaches. It is a great approach to have fun with friends and family.