Notre-Dame Basilica is a basilica in Montreal, Canada. The church is situated at 110 Notre-Dame Street West, next to the Saint-Sulpice Seminary.  Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the most visited monuments in North America. Every year around 11 million people visit the basilica.

Famous For: 

 The dramatic interiors of the church are regarded as a work of art of Gothic Revival architecture. The burial chambers at the church are decorated with golden stars and colored deep blue. The church is enriched with numerous intricate wooden carvings and religious statues. The glass windows of the church depict scenes from the religious history of Montreal.

Things To Do Notre Dame Basilica:

  •  A jewel of Montreal’s religious heritage, Notre Dame Basilica is a testament to the importance of art and religion. It is a masterpiece depicting the richness of Gothic Revival architecture.
  • This site of national historic significance was built between 1824 and 1829. The entrance of the church witnesses three large statues of Saint-Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and Saint-Jean-Baptiste. The church also features dual towers suggestive of Notre-Dame-de-Paris. The west tower of the church dwells the renowned Jean-Baptiste bell, weighing about 10,900 kg. The east tower of the church rings with a glockenspiel of ten bells. 
  • The interiors of the church are a sight to behold. It was designed by Québec artist, Jean-Baptiste Lagacé. The religious paintings and colorful stained glass windows depict over 350 years of community history. The church interiors with shimmering gold-leaf ornamentation and intricate woodwork attract visitors from all over the world. 
  • Along with prayers and celebrations of Catholic worship, Notre Dame Basilica has witnessed several grand events also. Several state funerals, celebrity weddings have taken place here.  

The eye-catching wooden carvings, along with the stained glass windows of this stunning Gothic Revival church will leave you mesmerized. The light and sound show experience, uncover the rich heritage rejoice in its beauty.