Are you ready to explore natural beauty? Before that, you must know everything about Niagra Falls. Scroll now! 


One of the famous waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls is a waterfall located on the Niagara River in North America. Niagara River is a 36-mile (58 km) channel and connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario and separates New York from Ontario. The Niagara falls lie on the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York State.

Structure of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is made up of 3 different waterfalls:

  • Horseshoe Falls (or Canadian Falls) – have a height of about 167 feet (51 m) and stretch over 2,700 feet (823 m) across its crest.
  • American Falls – drops between 90 and 120 feet (27.5 to 36.5 m) and spans about 940 feet (286.5 m) at its crest;
  • Bridal Veil Falls – has a drop of 90 to 120 feet but is only 45 feet (14 m) wide.

Together, the average width of the entire Niagara Falls is 3,950 feet (1,204 m). (According to the World Waterfall Database). The Niagara falls are in two principal parts, separated by the Goat Island, resulting in the separation of the Niagara Falls Canada to the west from the American and Bridal Veil Falls to the east.

Evolution of Niagara Falls

About 12,000 years ago, waters draining the lakes carved out the Niagara River. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario were split between higher and lower elevations and the water drained from the upper lake to the lower and eventually created a waterfall.

History of Niagara Falls 

Native Americans settled in the area between A.D. 1300 and 1400. The first native tribes called themselves the Onguiaahra, which French explorers turned into “Niagara.” Also among the earlier settlers was an Iroquois group, the Atiquandaronk (the ‘Neutrals’). The French built the first fort known as Fort Conti, above Niagara Falls in 1679. The Fort Conti didn’t last long, and Fort Denonville was built in its place in 1687. That only lasted for about a year. Then Fort Niagara was built in 1726.

Things to do at Niagara Falls 

  • If you are a nature lover, Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens are a must-see.
  • If you enjoy history, visit Old Fort Niagara.
  • If you need a break from the crowd near Falls, visit Niagara Glen Nature Reserve.
  • Visit ‘Cave of the winds’ and roam a series of wooden walkways that put you within feet of the Bridal Veil Falls.

General facts about Niagara Falls

  • Niagara Falls witness more than 10 million visitors every year.
  • One million gallons of water every two seconds, from four of the Great Lakes, is funneled into the fifth one, at Niagara Falls city.
  • Niagara Falls is world-famous for rainbows.