Little Canada is a celebration of Canada, located at 10 Dundas East, in the heart of downtown Toronto. An over 45,000 sq. ft of indoor space takes visitors on an adventurous journey of discovery of Canada on a miniature scale. This animated attraction lets you explore the captivating vistas, landmarks, iconic cityscapes, and cultural diversity of it in a whole new way, in just a few short hours.

Details Of Little Canada

Well, it took 10 years in the making. Founder Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer’s vision for it was inspired by his new home in Canada. Interestingly, by a series of kids’ school projects. And eventually, this inspiration led to a much larger project: Little Canada.

 Exhibits Canada’s landmarks and cityscapes in miniature scale. From Little Niagara to Petit Quebec, from Little Toronto to Little Golden Horseshoe, a fascinating miniature destination lies around every corner of it. It unleashes your childlike sense of wonder, discovery, and curiosity and promises to be an experience for all ages.

Know More About it!

Little Canada is not simply a whimsical exhibition of its cool, miniaturized technology. However, certain elements carry a deeper weight of what it means to be a Canadian. Its highlights are not only the people and the gorgeous forests and cityscapes, but the crowded highways and the “true patriot love” that binds together. 

Exciting Things To Experience

Here you can experience the magic of the wonderland amongst the elegant cafés and celebrations of Carnaval de Québec. Moreover, At ‘Dear Canada Corner,’ an interactive wall, you can leave a specialized video message or a note expressing your love for this place. After your journey through this place, you can indulge in some delicious Canadian goodies at the Little Bites Café to satisfy your cravings. Don’t forget to grab souvenirs to keep your memories made in the beautiful city. 

It will keep expanding year after year by adding fresh and unmarked destinations every time until the exhibition covers all of Canada, from coast to coast. It is a gala and all that makes this country so great, reduced into a 2-hour incident. Well, Come and innovatively explore the beauty of Canada!