Also known as the La Cloche Range, the La Cloche Mountains are situated in Northern Ontario, Canada. This mountain range runs along the northern shore of Lake Huron near Manitoulin Island. Composed primarily of white quartzite, one can use Ontario Highway 6 which is the public transportation to soar through the beautiful mountain range. One of the most amazing features of the La Cloche Mountains includes the Heaven’s Gate Trail which is an extremely popular spot with tourists.

Know about the amazing and history of the La Cloche Mountains!

 Did you know that the La Cloche Mountains were used as warning bells by the First Nations for signaling? Amazing isn’t it? According to the legend, these warning bells could be heard at a large distance. Many famous voyagers toured the place and so named the mountains “La cloche” which means bells. One of the highest altitudes in Ontario, the Mountains are said to be more than 1.88 million years old. Formed throughout many centuries, it is now dominated by white quartzite, which has been naturally formed after the compression of sandstones.

 Interesting facts and stories revolving around this place!

 Believed to have once stood higher than the rocky mountains, there is an abandoned fire tower at the top of the range. The vintage print of this beautiful mountain range has been a subject of interest for many artists. One can also visit the amazing and fun provincial park that is located almost 19 kilometers from the mountain range. What’s amazing about the delightful mountain range is that there are majestic mountains, rugged terrain, incredible trees, clear bodies of water waiting for visitors every day to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful nature. This place has inspired many famous artists and common men to write their own stories and make their art.