Are you a hockey fan? What better way to pay tribute to your favorite hockey plans than to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario. This famous place acts both as a hall of fame and a museum and is visited by thousands of people every year. Under the leadership of James T. Sutherland, the Hockey Hall of Fame was established in 1943. It holds many important records and exhibits many players and significant trophies won by them.

 Let’s Have a look At the Amazing History!

As the name suggests, this place has an amazing history that speaks a lot of its struggles and achievements. Let’s have a look at it!

  • Ontario, considered the birthplace of hockey by James T. Sutherland, was naturally the first place to be thought of while the planning of the Hall of Fame started. However, after Sutherland died in 1955, many influential investors withdrew their support.
  • The hall of fame lost many significant funds as it still had not established its permanent building. However, in 1958, the National Hockey League and Canadian National Exhibition reached an agreement, and the Hockey Hall was established in Toronto, Ontario instead of Kingston, Ontario.
  • The first official permanent building opened in 1961. However, with increasing trophies and records, the place was soon in need of an extension.
  • The new Hockey Hall of Fame was officially inaugurated in 1993 and expanded across 50,600 sq. ft. Millions of people visit the famous hall of fame every year.

 Explore The Exciting Hockey Hall of Fame!

If you ever visit Ontario, Canada, ensure that you are visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame and viewing its amazing collection spread over 15 exhibits. It pays tribute to many players. Not only this but they also have records of those players who were exceptional even though they didn’t belong to the homeland. With such amazing records and features, it is no wonder that it is a famous tourist place. You should visit this exceptional museum at least once!