Some of these locations are wrapped in darkness, with stories that have been passed down for generations. Others are considerably younger, yet have horrible histories. Whether these locations date from the 12th or 20th centuries, they all have a fascinating past, complete with ghost sightings and unsettling encounters.

Every ghost hunter hopes to get a sight of a spirit roaming a haunted corridor, hear odd sounds in an empty room, or even experience a shiver when researching a dark tunnel. Fortunately, there are several allegedly haunted locations that are accessible for public tours or even overnight stays.let see the 10 Haunted Places in Ontario

 #1. Niagara Parks Power Station

Niagara Parks Power Station

The Niagara Parks Electrical Generation Complex may be the city’s newest attraction, but this ancient structure has a darkness that few people are aware of. The Niagara Parks Power Station, which dates back to 1905 10 Haunted Places in Ontario , has seen its good proportion of Ontario history. And the haunted of these Niagara Falls attractions may be dated directly to the sad lives of the attraction’s original developer and his wife Annette.

William Rankine’s life was a whirlwind of commerce. He grew sick and died of cardiovascular disease not long after establishing what would become Niagara Falls’ largest and best power source. Annette, his young wife, was devastated.

 #2. Olde Angel Inn

Olde Angel Inn

Soldiers assassinated a Canadian military commander who was waiting for his sweetheart in this Montreal Inn. Dishes reorganizing individuals and ghostly movements have been observed in the basement where he died. Be cautious if you find yourselves in the bar toilets in the downstairs.

 #3. HI-Ottawa Jail

HI-Ottawa Jail

Before it officially opened as a guesthouse where you may now pay to sleep in a cell, this was an infamous prison. Authors successfully were publicly hung here and is said to be buried on the grounds. There have been reports of a result of reading a scripture at the end of visitors’ mattresses, as well as someone roaming death row.

 #4. Albion Falls

Albion Falls

Though you’ve definitely heard of Hamilton’s stunning waterfall, you may not have considered that it’s ghostly. In the nineteenth century 10 Haunted Places in Ontario , a young lady named Jane Reilly leaped down the waterfall after being devastated by her love. As a result, the location is known as Lover’s Leap. Screaming has been observed in the vicinity of the falls.

 #5. Fort Henry

Fort Henry

This cottage has kept vigil over Kingston for nearly 170 years and has never been assaulted. The castle, on the other hand, has seen several execution, such as the swinging of Nils Von Schoultz, and was previously a military prison camp. Take out the eerie Fort Fright experience, which takes you through the deepest parts of the historic stronghold.

 #6. Hermitage Ruins

Hermitage Ruins

These High degree of efficiency ruins were previously the estate of an English officer’s family and were erected in the 1800s. After already being rejected the officers’ niece’s permission to marry 10 Haunted Places in Ontario , the coachman hanged suicide from the barn rafters, however according folklore. Visitors have reported seeing a ghostly tall person prowling the surroundings.

 #7. Kingston Pen

Kingston Pen

Though this jail has been shuttered since 2013, it held several notorious criminals over its 170-year history. One convict who is rumoured to haunt the grounds is George Hewell. According to the account, he is still out for vengeance after a security guard murdered him in self-defense. Workers have also claimed to have seen the spirit of a former cop.

 #8. Buck Hill Road

Buck Hill Road

This Ottawa Valley route is claimed to be haunted by a logger who is still looking for his kidnapped child. After his daughter went missing during a violent winter storm, the guy scoured the old logging road with a lantern in vain. Tourists claim that after shining your headlamps multiple times into the nighttime, you may see spheres of light or people.

 #9. Prince Edward Heights

Prince Edward Heights

This creepy Picton structure, first a Canadian Forces post and subsequently a hospital for individuals with mental impairments 10 Haunted Places in Ontario, has drawn numerous ghost investigators over the years. It’s now a massive paintball arena, with most of the ghosts still present.

 #10. Fort George

Fort George

Fort George is a historical site in Niagara where multiple fights took place as during Battle of 1812. It is claimed to be haunted by the spirits of fallen warriors. On many occasions, ghostly apparition of a little kid trailing guests and a soldier in white resting during mattresses have been observed on group visits.