Are you a fan of murals and graffiti? Are you one of those people who love doodling and scribbling on papers when you are bored or out of a hobby? Graffiti Alley in Toronto, Ontario, is one of the best places for you to visit in Canada if you want to see creative murals. Graffiti Alley in Ontario is one of the most important locations in the history of Toronto’s legal street art scene.

Scroll The Amazing History Of  Graffiti Alley!

Let us take you on a ride down memory lane to the present to show you the amazing history and how the presence of Graffiti Alley came into being!

  •  Running parallel to Queen Street West, it includes three city blocks and the connecting alleyway of Rush Lane.
  • If you want to view some of the best examples of vibrant street art and beautiful mural structure, Graffiti Alley is just the right place for you. However, it was not all sunshine and flowers in the past. It was previously a famous spot for disallowed graffiti art.
  • Not only this but it was also in a constant fight with the Business Improvement Association of Queen Street West. But the good news was that in 2011, StreetARTornoto, or StART, came into being after a lot of struggle. The program provides funding and approval for public murals and graffiti art.
  • At present, the alley is a famous spot for photoshoots and is visited by many tourists who love different art forms. Many notable artists like uber5000, ELICSER, Duro The Third, etc., have made their pieces of art in the alley.

Specialty Of This Place!

You will also be surprised to know that the Graffiti Alley became so popular and visited, that there was also a restaurant named after it for a while. It is also a famous spot for small festivals and music videos now.

This is amazing, isn’t it? A street dedicated to one of the most under-recognized and unappreciated forms of art. Canada really does all that it can to create the best place for a person to live in. While you are visiting Graffiti alley, you should also visit the museum of stickers, Toronto’s half house, etc. These places are situated near Graffiti Alley. You should make an adventure out of your experience!