Located 6 km off the shore of Tobermory on the tip of Bruce Peninsula, Flowerpot Island is the largest island in the Fathom Five National Marine Park archipelago. Moreover, it is the most visited island. If you are looking for a place for stargazing, you must visit his dark sky preserve, Flowerpot Island. One of the most popular tourist destinations where you can experience exciting activities. 

Explore The Things To Do In Flowerpot Island!

  • One of the main activities that most visitors enjoy at the beachy cove is to hike to the flowerpots. Well, it’s not an easy task but if you are ready to do it, you must give it a try! 
  • Also, you can enjoy a picnic shelter on the shoreline next to Beachy Cove. You will see picnic tables at the light station. 
  • If you want to enjoy the view from the deck, visit the light station which will give a sense of the lightkeeper’s lifestyle. This lighthouse was built in 1969.
  • Flowerpot Island camping is an incredible thing to add to the bucket list to experience great opportunities. 
  • The best thing you must do is to explore the caves and see the flowerpots continue on the trail of the caves.
  • You need to be careful while you dig into the water. The shoreline water is cold and rocky. There is no sand on the beach. 


There is no doubt that the flowerpot island gives an incredible experience. Seeing the stars is just out of the world. Well, this trip will be a great way to experience Fathom Five National Marine Park. Make sure you carry all your essentials like water, snacks, and clothes. Take memories along with you and leave the footprints to be remembered.