A scenic lookout, Eagles Nest Park is located in the town of Bancroft. Built on top of a sheer rock face, this park is located in a beautiful area and overlooks the northern portions of the town that includes the York river and Bancroft airport. It is famously visited by many people from different regions. Not only does the beautiful park interest them, but also the amazing historical story or legend that comes along with it is of great interest.

What is the amazing true story that is considered to have taken place in this area in the past? 

Although the origin of the story is not considered to be entirely authentic, the story behind the namesake of Eagles Nest Park is so widespread that it is almost considered the truth. The story took place in 1883 when Mr. and Mrs. Gaebal heard the cries of a child. They were in their garden enjoying their time when they suddenly heard the cries of a child who was possibly being carried away by an eagle. The eagle was eventually fought off by the couple who saved the child. In order to prevent future such attacks in the future, the couple decided to remove the eagle. The couple used their son William, a 12-year-old boy, and lowered him towards the nest of the eagle. William destroyed the eggs and the eagle is said to never have returned. Although many eagles were reported in the area, the last recording was made in 1918 when the sighting of an eagle was confirmed.

What to do when you visit the famous Eagles Nest Park? 

A place with such an interesting backstory is bound to have visitors from various regions. It is said that people are still looking to site eagles in the area. It is a great place for a picnic with your loved ones while enjoying the high cliffs that provide a spectacular view. Many birds and flowers can also be seen in this famous place. The benches, fields, and pavilions that are available in the park are also clean. One can never go wrong with this park and can spend their entire day here without getting bored.



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