Situated in Ontario, Canada, Casa Loma is a historic house museum and landmark. Earlier it used to be a Gothic Revival-style mansion. E.J. Lennoz, who has designed various other landmarks in the city, was Casa Loma’s architect. The place took almost 4 years to complete and was made a residence for Sir Henry Pellatt. You might have noticed this structure in many movies and series. This is because this place is famous not only as a filming location but also as a wedding venue.

Immerse yourself in the amazing history of the largest residence in Canada, the Casa Loma!

  • Over the years, Casa Loma has acted as a museum, residence, hotel, and dance hall. You might know this place as the Blueblood Steakhouse or as a haunted house. It was and is still considered to be one of the greatest architectures of all time. However, the owner, Pellatt, could not enjoy this magnificent residence for long and he, along with his wife, had to live elsewhere as their palace had been seized by the city for unpaid taxes.
  • It later opened as a hotel in 1927, and included various dance halls for entertainment but failed to run a successful business and shut down just a year later. You will be surprised to know that this beautiful structure remained empty without any business or purpose for almost a decade.
  • It was saved by the Kiwanis club who resumed their administration and opened it as a tourist place. It is currently operated by Liberty Entertainment Group and is visited by thousands of people every year. 

Do you think there might be other interesting turns of events as well?

Yes, of course! Casa Loma had risen as a magnificent and the largest residence structure in Canada. But after the seize by the city, failure of dancing halls and hotels, there were many interesting rumors and stories that soon spread around. One of the most interesting rumors that Casa Loma has experienced is the stories about it being haunted. Chilling, right? With over 98 rooms and large halls and mains, it is no shock that such stories were spread. However, this place remains a famous tourist place. Indeed, because it has been made beautifully and still stands strong and stunning. During a visit to Canada, you should visit and experience this amazing structure.