Place Location – Bridal Veil Falls is a waterfall located in Kagawong, on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. 

The Bridal Veil waterfall is 35 feet in height, and is fed from Kagawong River.  Bridal Veil waterfall is famous as another Niagara Escarpment waterfall. This waterfall is stunning, with its subtle cascade of water spilling over a rocky ridge. It forms a nice-looking curtain of water filling a shallow pool underneath.

Things To Do At Bridal Veil Falls

The far side of the falls is covered with forest areas. The other side of the fall has been attractively developed for visitors. There is a steel stairway present there that leads down to the base of the falls. From here you can swim and view some mesmerizing sights of the waterfalls. You can also take a walk around the falls. The Kagawong River divides just above the falls. It forms a twin falls here. However, one twin is much bigger than the other one. There is a snacks shop also located across the street. 

You can also experience hiking at a short hiking trail, from the falls down to the North Channel.

The falls trail system is part of the new Billings Connections Trail.  It provides access to new civic monuments and heritage plaques which are part of the Billings Canada 150 project. The Kagawong River area has 4 different hiking trails, namely red, blue, white, and yellow.

This properly marked hiking trail alongside the Kagawong River will lead you towards Kagawong village. Be cautious of poison ivy along the trails as it is a danger in the area. The trail can also be used by dogs. 

High Falls, Whitefish Falls, and Chutes Provincial Park are also located nearby on the mainland.

Closing Words

 Bridal Veil Falls is one of the prettiest waterfalls in Ontario. About 10 m in height, the waterfalls over a limestone formation. Visit the waterfall and take a dip in the pool.