Welcoming people from all over the world for over 55 years, the Bonnechere Caves is not only a magnificent sight to behold but also serves as an educational, safe, informative, and fun tour for the visitors. This family place is filled with laughter and awe with people looking and buzzing around in search of interesting facts or views. Located in Ontario, Canada, the Bonnechere Caves are named after the place they were discovered in. Formed out of ancient limestone, the caves have stairs that are used for both entry and exit.

 What to know about the magnificent Bonnechere Caves?

  •  Formed from an ancient limestone situated at the bottom of a tropical sea some 500 million years ago, the Bonnechere Caves are a sight to behold.
  • They were discovered and named after the place they were found, on the fourth chute of the Bonnechere River in the valley of Ottawa. They are located in Ontario, Canada, and are popularly visited by many tourists from around the world.
  •  This beautiful place is home to many prehistoric fossils that are extremely well-preserved.
  • One can easily observe the venturing underground, stalactites, coral, and ancient sea creatures. These amazing ancient fossils include cephalopods, brachiopods, gastropods, crinoid rings, and many more well-defined fossilized creatures.

 One can use the stairs to exit and enter the beautiful Bonnechere Caves and on the backside, one can follow a scenic trail. If you follow this beautiful scenic trail, you will reach delightful picnic spots and shops where you can buy amazing souvenirs at cost-effective rates. Opened from late May to early thanksgiving, one can easily avail of guided services. A local and experienced guide will take you around the beautiful place and show you all the famous attractions. You can also enjoy a beautiful view while enjoying a picnic with your loved ones. One of the only things that you have to keep in mind is carrying a light sweater with you. This will help you keep warm at a 10℃ temperature that the caves experience even in the summers.