This list is for anybody who wishes to try authentic Indian cuisine. These Indian restaurants provide the best service and cuisine, whether you miss India or want to try a blend of Indian and Canadian flavours on vacation. Here are the Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Ottawa.


 #1. Kochin Kitchen




Kochin Kitchen offers Keralan and South Indian food. Additional options exist. In southern India, it’s most popular. Kochin Kitchen serves Dosa, Sambar, Idli, and more. If you’re not vegetarian, try their shrimp. Every bite meets the high standards of Indian food. You don’t have to stick to South Indian food; other cuisines will enchant you.


 #2. Coco Lagoon

Coco Lagoon Indian Restaurants In Ottawa


South Indian foods are irresistible. Coconut Lagoon made a list due to its great southern food and attention to detail. Butter chicken will warm your heart with their buttery naan and tandoori lamb. You may find the food costs and the portions tiny, but the flavour is worth it. Excellent service and food diversity. Recent upgrades give it an authentic India vibe. Weekend buffets are also provided. Ottawa establishment serves excellent South Indian food and is among the Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Ottawa.


 #3. Little India’s café


Little Indian café Indian Restaurant In Ottawa


Little India Cafe is one of Ottawa’s cheapest Indian restaurants, and the name captures both the food and its flavour. It offers affordable, tasty food that leaves you wanting more. It’s a one-stop-shop for delectable samosas; royalseeks kebab, curries, naans, and rotis. Kheer with gulab jamun might satisfy your sweet need. This family-owned restaurant has lavish buffets, although the service may be sluggish. This is the place to go if you don’t mind the service and want to eat good food.


 #4. Host India


Host India Indian Restaurant In Ottawa


Host India is an excellent restaurant for authentic “thali” cuisine. You may choose from various Indian cooking, from sophisticated curries to simple gobi aloo and various “sabzis.” You may also add strange chutney and shake photographs. Everyone who visits India falls in love with its delicious food. Compared to other eateries, the menu is much more limited. It’s one of Ottawa’s most excellent Indian eateries. Ginger chicken is suggested.


 #5. Fairouz

Fairouz Indian Restaurant In Ottawa

What do you get when you mix Indian, Middle Eastern, and Western food ornamentation techniques? Fairouz’s dinners are lovely. The restaurant’s food looks and tastes great. This is a forward-thinking restaurant that offers something new every day. Menu items change often. This guarantees you have something new to research.


 #6. Haldi


Haldi Indian Restaurant In Ottawa


Haldi offers a wide variety of Indian dishes, all of which will satisfy your hunger. More importantly, when it comes to Indian food, Haldi is the master of achieving the perfect flavour balance. The attentive staff understands demands and offers helpful suggestions to help you fulfil your wants. They’re well-versed in other cuisines but excel in east India. Authentic Indian food is served as it should be.


 #7. Taj Restaurant


Taj Indian Restaurant In Ottawa


This little cafe easily wins a position on the city’s top Indian eating venues list. It has the classic, sparkling flavour of India while looking great. Order Taj Indian Cuisine’s butter chicken. Served with butter naan, this meal will send your tongue into bliss as the food disappears. Its food includes traditional dals and samosa-style appetisers.


 #8. Taste of India


Taste of India Indian Restaurant In Ottawa


Let’s go to a 10-year-old restaurant still popular in its old neigh bourhood. Aahar began in India and is extending to Canada. Both Ottawa sites provide a wide variety of cuisines. The wait staff will constantly enquirer about item availability and explain the components if you ask. You may have traditional Indian food and fast food with Indian culinary innovations. It’s excellent for Punjabi cuisine and buffets.


 #9. Mia’s Indian Cuisines


Mia's Indian Cuisines Indian Restaurant In Ottawa


This family-owned restaurant has become one of Ottawa’s most popular low-cost Indian options owing to the chef’s special. Despite the restaurant’s size and poor service, the multi-layered flavours will amaze you. Every dish is made from scratch with an unmatched blend of ingredients which the Top 10 Indian Restaurants can try in Ottawa. Convenient, clean, and a good option for people without the money to eat at excellent Indian restaurants.


 #10. East India Company


East India Company Indian Restaurant In Ottawa


East India Company is a mind-blowing journey. Its interior will make you think you’re in India. Spicy dishes abound. This restaurant offers everything, from complex main meals to simple appetisers and beverages. It is essential to try each word to appreciate the Indian flavours and spices. The buffet’s food changes often to give customers a daily taste of India. Definitely one of Ottawa’s best Indian restaurants.