Bathtub Island is at Katherine Cove in Wawa, North Ontario. Located on Lake Superior, it’s a bathtub, on an island. It’s a shallow all-natural basin, providing a true bathtub experience. It is a naturally eroded rock with water collected in a natural pool resembling sunken basins.  Located about two hours from Sault Ste. Marie, this part of Lake Superior is an amazing beauty. Filled with clear water and a fine sand beach, it is perfect for a summer day. The sun warms up the water collected in the hollow basin, while the surrounding water is cold. 

Things to do at Bath Tub Island

Bath Tub Island itself is positioned just off of the coast of the lake. The water gets collected in the bathtub when the waves are whipped up too high to get above the rocks. Just enter the ‘bathtub’ and lay down in the bathtub. Take a sunbath on the rocks. The water in the bathtub is warmed up by the sun, giving a tropical vacation feel right here in the province.

The bathtub is always full of water and gets constantly replenished by the large waves of Lake Superior. So you never sit in the same water. The shallow waters with fine sand, in the bathtub, reflect vibrant colors at every glance. On bright and sunny days, the sunlight makes the watercolor look vibrant and turquoise.

Note: Be cautious while climbing, as the rocks are very slippery here. Don’t miss the magical sunset view.

As there are no garbage bins or toilets available at the beach, make sure to pack out and carry away all the garbage you bring with you.

Closing words

Experiencing a bath in Bath Tub Island is a bucket-list-worthy adventure, not to be missed. Take lovely pictures of the picturesque view with nature’s ‘bathtub’.  The sunset view here is so beautiful that you don’t want to take your eyes off for too long!

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