Located in Ontario, Canada, the Ballycroy Ghost Town is one of the most famous haunted and abandoned places in the country. The intersections between highways 9 and 50 are traveled by thousands of people every day. But did these people know that situated on top of the hill was once a thriving village full of life and zeal? While only a few might have realized this fact, most of them would commonly realize the place as an abandoned haunted one.

Named after the hometown of Ireland of the original settlers, Ballycroy was full of life and people for around 55 years after which it was abandoned. People who like spookiness and stories that will leave one with goosebumps but amazed can visit this ghost town anytime they want. There are still some families that live in the town. 

The amazing but tragic story behind Ballycroy Ghost Town is now almost abandoned!

 Irish settlers came to settle in this area in the 1820s. A famous chopping mill was opened by Mr. Beaty. The business was further expanded to a sawmill, flour mill, and shingle maker by him and his brothers. These famous mills lasted till the 1930s. With only around 200 members, it was a great boon for the town when many stores opened and the place soon became a booming industry. However, this joy did not last long as the 1870s and the future held many downs for the place. Constant fires that could not have been a coincidence struck the place. The bad luck continued when many places were shut down and a railway bypassed the town. People started abandoning the place in search of new opportunities in the city.

In the present days, only 10 families habituate the place out of which only 3-4 live in the traditional and old homes of the ghost town. It is famously visited by many tourists in search of amazing and spooky stories. The area has now been reduced to a narrow laneway with several Victorian restored homes. The remarkable and most interesting thing about this place is that such an abandoned tragic place exists just miles from the metropolitan city.