Balaclava is now an abandoned or ghost town of Ontario. Although this deserted ghost town, still has a few residents. Here you can find a few houses, an abandoned general store, a blacksmith shop, an old dam, and a sawmill. The ghost town of Balaclava is located in Renfrew County, Eastern Ontario, Canada. It is situated 1.5 hours from Ottawa and a four-hour drive from Toronto.

What Balaclava Ghost Town Is Famous For? 

Balaclava is one of the most creepy places in Ontario to explore. The town was once a thriving place but many of the town’s residents left in 1915 after a fire destroyed its main sawmill. Today most of the buildings are abandoned like the recognized half-burnt sawmill on the river. 

Things To Do At Balaclava Ghost Town

While walking along the empty main streets of the Ghost town, you can explore the half-burnt-down sawmill on the river.  You can notice some of the old worn-down equipment and machinery at the old water-powered sawmill. This sawmill was built in 1855 and operated by the Richards family until 1957. However, the Richards were prosecuted for using the river to dispose of the sawdust. Then, Richards added a large burner. Although not functioning, both the sawmill and the burner still stand today. After being sold out, the sawmill worked for another 10 years before being shut down completely. 

Once it stopped working, Balaclava became a ghost town.

Check out the abandoned homes, a general store, a blacksmith shop, and old churches that once used to be filled with the town’s residents. The town’s general store stands still today also. Although the windows are broken and the roofs of the store are drooping. For years now, Balaclava has been a favorite destination for photographers and urban explorers. 

Closing Words

Take some explicit safety measures before visiting the Ghost town. Explore the town from afar, and remember that some of it are private property today. And some of it is very creepy.