In the same way that any wonderful capital city is a location to learn about and explore the history of the country it serves as the capital, Ottawa is also a site where visitors can enjoy world-famous urban and outdoor activities. Here is the list of 10 Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Ontario.


  #1. Westminster

10 Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Ontario

Parliament Hill isn’t simply Canada’s political headquarters; it’s also a cultural and communal magnet. You can practice yoga on Parliament Hill. Every summer Wednesday at noon, hundreds of people rush the hill with yoga mats and leggings. The Sound and Light event projected a 30-minute tale onto the Parliament Buildings. Traditional activities follow.

 #2. CanWarMuseum

Tourist Attractions in Ottawa

The Canadian War Museum is located on the Ottawa River. The museum’s architecture is mostly flat, but one side rises 25m, like a waving hand. Inside, you’ll see exhibits highlighting Canada’s wartime role. Walls are lined with tanks, military vehicles, and firearms used by generations of heroic soldiers. Over 330 pieces of art and unusual details, like a glass framing the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, help illustrate the tales that built Canada, one of the best 10 Tourist Attractions of Ottawa, Ontario.

 #3. Canal Rideau

Attractions in Ottawa

The Rideau Canal is the world’s biggest naturally frozen rink (7.8 kilometers long). The Canal offers outdoor entertainment year-round. Yes, you may ice-skate down Ottawa’s frozen river in the winter. When the ice melts, and it’s t-shirt weather, you may take a voyageur canoe or boat tour along the same lakes. You may stroll, run, or bike along the canal. If you’re in town, visit the Rideau Canal.

 #4. Canadian Gallery

10 Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Ontario

A 10m spider monument in front of the National Gallery of Canada draws attention. Once you get beyond your arachnophobia, the gallery’s interior is wonderful. Forty thousand items include Inuit sculpture and modern art. Whether you’re an art novice or have a degree in art history, the National Gallery of Canada offers something for you.

 #5. Nature Canada

10 Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Ontario

Do you want to see dinosaur fossils? Or learn about ocean and lake life? How did our planet form? Or birds, bugs, and bears? Any of these questions should make you consider the Canadian Museum of Nature. The museum’s displays cover the natural world in a few hours. It’s impossible to express how stunning it feels to see a blue whale skeleton hanging above your head.

 #6. Aerospace Museum of Canada

Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Ontario

Who hasn’t wondered what space is like? You may answer that question at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. See what it’s like to wear a space helmet and ascend into the International Space Station. After living your childhood fantasy, you may tour 130 military and commercial aircraft and a full-motion flying simulator. Fly without worrying about legroom.

 #7. By Ward Market

Attractions in Ottawa, Ontario

For almost two centuries, farmers and artisan merchants have brought their wares to the By Ward Market. A basic market has become a culinary, retail, and entertainment magnet. More than 500 companies surround the market, which has 260 stands. You could find a wonderful brunch restaurant, a quirky store, or an up-and-coming local band on any given visit. Close to Parliament Hill, By Ward Market is busy morning and night. Visit the 10 Tourist Attractions of Ottawa, Ontario.

 #8. History Canada

The list of finest tourist attractions of Ottawa

The Canadian Museum of History is located in Gatineau, minutes from Ottawa. One of Canada’s oldest museums, founded in 1856, attracts 1.2 million people annually. Why does everyone visit? The museum’s four million pieces date to 20,000 B.C. Learn about Canada’s Pacific First Nations in the Grand Hall, which overlooks the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill. Visit the First People’s Hall to learn more about Canada’s Aboriginal heritage after seeing totem poles and Native dwellings. Check out the traveling exhibitions and CINÉ+ cinema.

 #9. The NAC

Attractions in Ottawa, Ontario

The National Arts Centre is one of Canada’s major performing arts facilities, offering 600 shows annually. Four stages host traveling acts, foreign artists, and Canada’s top entertainers. You may see dance, theatre, or music whenever you come. Enjoy a traveling ballet, the house orchestra, or world-class English theatre.

 #10. Ottawa’s Ghost Walks

The list of finest tourist attractions of Ottawa

This is no ordinary trek. You’ll test your bravery on a Haunted Walk of Ottawa. Several 90-minute hikes go to the city’s most haunted structures. A jail-turned-hostel was the location of Canada’s final public execution, and individuals have seen items move inside the renowned Fairmont Château Laurier. Ghost tales, city anecdotes, and history make for a fascinating evening. Follow your guide’s light to avoid getting lost.