You are not the only one in Ontario interested in purchasing a home in one of the province’s cities with the lowest housing costs.The area of Ontario is home to several of Canada’s largest and most well-known cities, including the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and the cosmopolitan center of Toronto’s 10 Cheapest Cities To Buy  Property In Ontario.

 #1. Toronto

10 Cheapest Cities To Buy Property In Ontario

Although Ontario has many cheaper possibilities, Toronto boasts some of Canada’s most costly real estate.Whether you like bigger cities with a fast-paced lifestyle or smaller communities with gorgeous beaches, you don’t want to pay inflated housing prices.To assess if a city provides cheap housing, you must go beyond the average property price to the average family income.


 #2. Ottawa

 Cheapest Cities To Buy Property In Ontario

Ottawa’s lively downtown core is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind, not inexpensive real estate. Ottawa’s typical salary is adequate to purchase a home for a family.Even though the average housing price in Ottawa is more than $400,000, the average family income is more than $25,000.


 #3. Windsor

Cities To Buy Property In Ontario

Windsor is attractive, functional, and inexpensive.How do we define practicality? Windsor lies at North America’s core, with easy vehicle access to Detroit and Toronto. Moreover, hundreds of daily flights connect the area to economic centers like Pittsburgh and Chicago.Many technological and other creative enterprises have increased the city’s real estate price to income ratio. It’s one of Ontario’s cheapest cities because of this.


 #4. London

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London, Ontario, is gorgeous and inexpensive. The Forest City boasts among Ontario’s lowest real estate costs,an intense art scene, professional prospects, and a stunning city scape which is 10 Cheapest Cities To Buy  Property In Ontario.According to our research, London’s average housing price is above $350,000. London’s typical wage earner earns $67,000, 20% more than the amount needed to buy a property.


 #5. Sudbury

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Sudbury is the most significant major city to purchase real estate according to our criteria.The typical Sudbury resident earns $30,000 more than the minimum earnings to buy a home.But affordable housing isn’t Sudbury’s exclusive perk. Sudbury is a significant Canadian city with many natural beauties. Sudbury has a thriving economy, several colleges, and fantastic job prospects. Sudbury’s unemployment rate is 5.5%, 2% lower than the national average.


 #6. Thunder Bay

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Even though Thunder Bay’s average house price is lower than the national average, the typical wage worker has enough money to buy a property which is the 10 Cheapest Cities To Buy  Property In Ontario. In Thunder Bay, the average home price is approximately $220,000, while the average annual income is $68,000.Based on the typical cost of a home in the area, this wage is almost twice what is needed to buy a home.


 #7. Guelph

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More than 11,000 years after it was first settled, Guelph remains one of Ontario’s most incredible places. Guelph, which is just 45 minutes from Toronto, is well-known for striking the right mix between metropolitan living and a small-town atmosphere. The most significant aspect is that its people, on average, earn more than $500,000 a year, which is more than enough to pay the city’s typical home price.


 #8. Ajax

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If you regard population increase to be a sign of progress, it’s impossible to miss Ajax as one of the finest locations to live in Ontario.In addition to being one of the cheapest cities in Ontario based on price to income ratios, the region has also undergone substantial population growth over the previous several years. To others, this is because of the area’s unusual position, which provides quick access to both Toronto and animal sanctuaries.


 #9. Peterborough

cheapest location to reside in Ontario near Toronto

We know that most individuals seek the cheapest location to reside in Ontario near Toronto. There is no better place for you to settle down than Peterborough. Real estate transactions have increased due to the area’s high average property price of $505,998. Peterborough, Ontario’s most cheap city, is also one of its most scenic. While there, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled onto a paradise.



top 10 Cheapest Cities To Buy Property In Ontario

This city, situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, has the most affordable real estate in the province of Ontario. If you’ve ever made the trip to Montreal, you’ve already driven through Kingston. There are so many water-based activities in Kingston that many individuals fall in love with it. In addition, weekends provide enough opportunity to explore the region’s many natural and historical attractions.The average home price in Kingston is $305,155. For first-time home buyers, this implies that the city is the most affordable option in Ontario.