It is time to set up camp and take in the aroma of the wood smoke. As the summer draws closer to us, the warm weather and extended weekends will encourage us to take trips into the natural areas that we most like visiting outside of the city. You should make travel plans in advance and try to visit at least a couple of new places each time. Even if you’ve never been camping before, you shouldn’t be afraid to try it in 10 amazing places to do camping near Toronto.

It’s possible that you’ve visited Sandbanks for a day trip to check out the beach or the world’s biggest bay mouth barrier dune formation, but did you know that it’s also a popular area for camping? In addition to being a fantastic place for walking and swimming, Sandbanks is also a wonderful location for fishing and watching birds.


 #1. Elora Gorge Park

amazing places to do camping near Toronto


The breath-taking Elora Gorge Park may be found tucked away in the Grand River valley, which is home to a cliff that is 72 feet (22 metres) tall. This park has everything a person interested in the outdoors might want, from tubing to hiking paths.


 #2. Camping Resort on the 1000 Islands

places to do camping near Toronto

The 1000 Islands Camping Resort is a place that welcomes families with children and provides a wealth of services as well as enough room for a variety of activities. This place is perfect for families throughout the summer since it has everything from swimming pools to a playground.


 #3. The National Park of the Bruce Peninsula

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The Bruce Peninsula National Park is a vacation to turquoise lakes and hiking routes that are steeped in the natural environment 10 amazing places to do camping near Toronto. and it is perhaps one of the most popular camping locations in the Toronto area. It is strongly advised that you make a reservation in advance for this location, and be aware that new laws for 2016 include a prohibition on daily alcohol consumption during quiet hours, as well as over long weekends.


 #4. The National Park of Bronte Creek

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Bronte Creek National Park has a variety of amenities, some of which include excellent hiking trails, a disc golf course, and interpretive programmes. Camping out here is a tradition for many American families. Get ready to go swimming and riding this weekend!


 #5. A provincial park located in Sibbald Point

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Make sure the canoes are ready for this one! A sandy beach and the Sibbald Family Museum may be found at Sibbald Point 10 amazing places to do camping near Toronto, which is located on Lake Simcoe (which is open in July and August). Boaters also have access to a boat launch at this location.


 #6. Awenda Provincial Park

your stress with camping near Toronto


The Awenda Provincial Park can fulfil all of your outdoor fantasies because to its proximity to Georgian Bay and its abundance of woods, beaches, and trails. Camping spots are offered that do not allow pets and do not have radios. Because this park is accommodating to cyclists, you shouldn’t leave home without your wheels.


 #7. The Pinery (Scotland)

Top 10 amazing places to do camping near Toronto

If the beachfront along Lake Huron and the coastal sand dunes aren’t enough to entice you to camp at the Pinery, maybe the sunsets will do the trick. Camp out, take in the ever-changing sky colours, and take some time to unwind before venturing out to discover the Old Ausable Channel (wetland).


 #8. Provincial Park of the Kill bear

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Kill bear is a more rough and rocky location than some of the other locations, but the vistas that accompany the hardness complete the beauty of this location. Kill bear is another jewel that can be found in Georgian Bay. The park is an ideal location for windsurfing and sailing, making it appealing to those with an adventurous spirit.


 #9. Algonquin Park

amazing places to do camping near Toronto

The most visited park in 10 amazing places to do camping near Toronto, Algonquin, is well-known throughout the country for the lakes, woods, and general natural beauty that it contains. Popular activities in this area include bird watching, fishing, and hiking on the area’s large trail system. Car camping and camping in the bush are both available in Algonquin National Park. Because it is the most popular park in the region, you should be sure to reserve your campsite well in advance.


 #10. Provincial Park of the Arrowhead

places to do camping near Toronto

Arrowhead is well-known for the sandy beaches that run along Arrowhead Lake, and it is located just to the north of Huntsville. The campsites in this location, which is in the middle of Muskoka, are often a little bit more private than others due to the huge trees that are scattered across the park. You just can’t go wrong when you go camping in Muskoka!